In 1996, college student Robert Garside “The Runningman” set out to achieve the ‘impossible’―to be the first person to run around the world―by midnight on millennium eve.

It was the beginning of a record-breaking odyssey across six continents and through some of the most important historical events of our time.

Along the way, The Runningman’s path crossed with many interesting characters―some who offered help and wisdom―but as he soon learned, not everyone had good intentions.

Carrying little more than a map and a small backpack, he ran. Ran and ran through towns, cities, up mountains and across rivers and deserts, in a quest to conquer the last sporting milestone.

On the 30,000-mile journey to India Gate, The Runningman endured swarms of flies and deadly snakes in Africa, treacherous blizzards and avalanches in The Himalayas and infection in The Amazon Jungle, to name but a few adventures.

His run became legendary and in 2003, after six long years on the road, The Runningman achieved a global loop at New Delhi, India.

In 2007, he was officially honoured by Guinness World Records as the first person ever to have run around the world.

The rest, as they say, is history!

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